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"Work with me privately to align to your  greatest potential, access limitless love, prosperity and joy."


"Really loved my first session with Dawn and looking forward to another.Since starting my business in 2018 I've been putting all my energy into it., convicted by my mission. Dawn has already shown me how important it is to also invest  some time in myself, so that I can sustain my growth and benefit more people in the long term. What I really like about Dawn in her knowledge, which she uses to get to the heart of your blockages, saving a lot of time and effort. She will also connect those blockages to your health, which adds a great deal  of depth to her services. I highly recommend Dawn."

-Monique Peters

"For the past few weeks I have felt extremely overwhelmed, tired, heavy and not myself. I noticed I had fallen back into old  self sabotaging ways but just didn't know how to get out. After the session with Dawn I feel like myself again, a huge weight has lifted and I have an understanding now of what happened and some tools to make sure I don't get in that state again. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Dawn."

- Wendy James



We aren't for everyone. 

We generally work with people who make decisions based on their long-term greater good.

These are individuals who do not wait to be "fixed," but who take action, and by these proactive steps are able to move forward and create a life they choose.  

No one really knows the hurt you hold inside, the emotions you keep bottled up. Even you don’t always know how much you are holding onto. Though everyone else might think you’re fine, you know deep down how much you are suffering.

When we suppress and hold onto the hurt, when we pretend that we are ok, push through, and continue helping others, to our detriment we create disease and disability.

We MUST let it go! Whatever we are holding onto, it’s time we release it; whatever we have allowed to consume us HAS TO GO. 



You may know this already, but as a reminder: we are energy and everything that we hold onto is also energy - and just like giant magnets we draw to us what we are made of. So, if we are holding onto hurt, we attract more hurt! Eventually we become weighed down, and then it manifests physically as the body is not designed to carry all that hurt.

For many it shows up as arthritis, fibromyalgia, ulcers, or as chronic pain like back pain, headaches, stomach issues and bad period cramps. The school of hard knocks is where I’ve learned so much, it’s how I’ve been taught. I’ve gained great wisdom, not from books, but from real life lessons.

Some of these experiences include near death, multiple examples of physical disability, mental anguish, autoimmune diseases, PTSD, emotional abuse, physical abuse, rape, having to parent my mum through her psychotic breaks, nervous breakdowns, severe bullying through most of my childhood and into my thirties, postpartum depression, painkiller addiction, suicidal thoughts, and depression through separation and isolation. 

I have overcome ALL of those things and gotten through to the other side - not just as a survivor, but as a bloody warrior that is powerful, strong, courageous and fierce, while also being a true queen with grace, beauty, love and respect.

I know what to do and how to do it. I’m also not afraid to say the things that many others would fear telling you. Because I know that after you hear the truth, I can hold the space for you to experience how magnificent and glorious you truly are behind all the pain, the hurt, the wounds and the BS stories we tell ourselves daily because of traumas we have encountered in life.

No matter what you are going through I can help, as I hold no judgment, just a safe place for you to be you - and that is incredibly healing!





    It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey of healing it’s all about you being ready to move forward, I work with those ready to move beyond suffering, however, that plays out in your life, in a loveless relationship, in pain of any kind it’s honestly irrelevant as at the end of the day it’s about enjoying life, being happy within you and it’s all the same route out, letting go of what hides you. 

    We are all like precious gold statues glorious breathtaking and bright. From years of abuse for being too bright, for being too much, hurt and jealousy was projected on to you. Having you hide your true self for fear of having stones cast and dinting you. So at some point you decided every time you felt judgement or hurt you added another layer of concrete to protect your authentic shining self.

    Now is the time! We are ALL being called to break free, we must break that concrete down and reveal our beautiful authentic self! 

    We are in incredible times right now and the only way to get through to the other side is to realise you are perfect and you always were!

    "When I first came to Dawn, I had no idea what the extent she was going to help me with. She got to the root causes of issues that I didn't realise I had, which were creating blocks and effecting my personal and business life. I cannot recommend Dawn Highly enough."


    "Dawn is top coach! She has a way about her that makes you feel truly safe and listened to, making it easy to make changes. She has been through the immense journey herself and as such is an authentic, humble and holistic human, helping people out of pain and into a high state of health. I highly recommend Dawn."


    Why People Work With Me

    Most people have a belief that failure is a bad thing, that being a failure means you're a loser. The fact is, failure is simply discovering a way that doesn’t work. That’s it. Or another way of looking at it is we are scientists and we are here to experiment. And there is no such thing as failure only when you give up and walk away.   Now I’m a BIG failure or are brilliant scientist lol depends which way you look at it. People work with me because of how much experimenting I’ve done. 

    I believe the best teachers and coaches are those who have lived experience not book taught. 

    Am I for you? 

    If you want to navigate life's obstacles fast with ease and grace. 

    If you what success in any or all of these areas

    Mind (eliminate all limitations),

    Body (heal from dis-ease),

    Spirit (harness your intuition),

    Relationships (marriage, children, friendships),

    Dismantling from the matrix (off grid living, off grid business, homeschooling) . 

    • severe anxiety;

    • depression;

    • addiction to painkillers, smoking, sugar, weed;

    • marriage breakdown;

    • being broke like skint;

    • 6 failed businesses;

    • learned how to walk again not once but three times;

    • reversed 3 diseases;

    • homeschooling (unschoolable I was told BS);

    • son with autism, process sensory issues, learning difficulties (caused by drugs I was prescribed whilst pregnant);

    • going off grid;

    • overcoming major trauma from physical, mental and emotional abuse;

    • severe bullying;

    • loosing my mom to cancer;

    • PTSD;

    • having a mom with undiagnosed bi-polar;

    • self loathing;

    • low self esteem and confidence;

    • emigrating with no family;

    • sexual assault by a Dr;

    • overcome two nervous breakdowns;

    • chronic pain (fibromyalgia)

    • postal natal/partum depression;

    • CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome);


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